Our Mission

At GeoCivix, we specialize in transitioning organizations to highly efficient paperless workflows. Our mission is to drive efficiency and customer satisfaction by delivering simple solutions to complex problems. Ask any of our clients and they’ll tell you that the software we build and configure is intuitive and easy to use, but what sets us apart is our knowledge, experience, and unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service.

More than an innovative and trusted Software as a Service provider, GeoCivix works alongside of your team as a partner and trusted advisor to minimize known mistakes and lead your configuration to an overwhelming success. We take the pain out of training, implementation, maintenance, and support. Our knowledgeable staff works to understand your business process and then WE configure the system to YOUR workflow. That means that you’ll be up and running with a professionally configured system as soon as possible and without having to dedicate staff to configure workflows, web forms, document templates, and fee formulas. The system is intuitive to staff and citizens because it closely follows the processes that they have been using for years.


Want to Join Our Team?

We’re firm believers that a company is only as good as its team’s composition. We’re always on the lookout for dedicated individuals who are looking to make a difference and can bring their expertise and creativity to the table. Check out our careers page to learn more today.